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Cutting and chipping machines (11)
Sawing machines (25)
Planing machines (16)
Shaping machines (38)
Drilling machines (20)
Sanding and buffing machines (29)
Pressing and joining machines (27)
Finishing machines (24)
Handling (82)
Grinding machines (5)
Tenonners, edge banders and workcenters (40)
Miscellanous (103)
Complete plants
Complete plants (5)
  BrandTypeYear of construction 
Show detailsShow detailsWEEKE-KOCH
drilling and dowelling line
BST10/30-BST10/30-DL-1990Add product to offer
Show detailsShow detailsWILMSMEYER
softform edge banding line
1987Add product to offer
Show detailsShow detailsBIESSE - BIESSE - BI-ELLE
Drilling and dowelinserting line
TECHNO.CN - SVBL / J.CN1990Add product to offer
Show detailsShow details Video(s) machineTORWEGGE H├ťLLHORST
automatic window production line
BIMA 810 2 HF 140/4002003Add product to offer
Show detailsShow details Video(s) machineMAW NOTTMEYER
Drilling- and assembly line
HAB.V.LT/DP - K-PRESSE SH-KP-1/72001Add product to offer


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